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Layers of Insanity has a survival aspect to it and we have taken ideas and inspiration from the early classics and more such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill and Limbo. The main character whom the player will be controlling is a young teen at the age of 15.The boy awakes in his house, but everything is amiss.No one is in, and it's dead silent. With only the wind and rain hitting of the house.The boy gets up and starts exploring the house looking for his parents and his sister.


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Could really have benefited from having some form of story. Had some nice monster designs, but the combat was ridiculously easy as you could click them all away before they'd even touch you. Also spamming spacebar will make the character fly, haha.

Game genre: Horror

About: I think the game is about a teen-aged character whom town/village has been filled with darkness and haunted by some unknown monsters. The player must fight through the waves of monsters, find a key and save his family.

Reminds of: Resident Evil 7, Outlast 2.

Overall objective: I think to save the player's family.

Audience: 16+

What makes this game fun: The atmospheric dark setting.

Difficulty: As of now the game does not provide any challenge and no balance is visible due to the lack of combat system. The game is very easy in use, no unnecessary or unclear options.

My thoughts: The character looks fine to me, one thing that bugs me about it is the jiggery black outlines. I really like the dark setting of the game, please keep it that way. There are not too many sound effects and music tracks, but the current ones fit perfectly. The art style looks good.

If I could add two things to improve the game, what would they be?

The first and most important thing for me would be, Don't Stave like insanity effects to enhance the immersion. The second thing would be lamp post, just to add some kind of safe point on the level, where monsters would not be able to attack the player and maybe regenerate a little bit of sanity.

Layers of Insanity

What is the Genre of the game?

The Genre of the game is a horror.

What games does this game remind me of?

Layers of insanity reminds me of the game Limbo due to its dark graphics, it also reminds me of the game Don't Starve, I find the graphics have a similar style to that of the graphics within Don't Starve.

What is the overall objective of the game?

As of now I am not too sure what the objective is, it seems to either be, escaping the house or to access the basement area.

What type of audience do I think this game will appeal to?

People who enjoy indie games, such as the ones mentioned above, however being a horror game I would assume that it is aimed and an older audience, perhaps 15 and up.

What makes this game fun?

I think what stands out for this game is the use of lighting, I feel that this adds an extra element to the game that without would make the game less interesting and fun.

Is the game is to play or difficult to play?

The game seems rather straight forward, however the lack of information and objectives adds to the difficulty which in my opinion makes the game more enjoyable.

What do I think of the character/setting/music and sound/art style?

I really like the style of the characters and other assets within the game, I have always thought that a drawn style looks good, this also applies to the art style of the game.

If I could add two things to improve the game what would they be?

I would add in a bit of information so that the player has some indication of what they must do, I would also add in a bit of a fighting/combat system.